Wooden Venetians

Manufactured from the finest hardwoods, wood venetians are fast becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the UK. Providing ultimate light control various angles can be achieved to diffuse light when needed. Wooden slats provide a clean looking window. Customers now opting for blinds over curtains gain better warmth and less wasted space. Wooden Venetians are available in various sizes each designed to suit and compliment the size and style of your window. 25mm, 35mm, 50mm & 65mm Slats - Optional ladder tapes. We also provide Privacy wood where there is no hole punched in the slat for the ladder strings so not light coming through.

Gloss Whte 50mm
Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from, but we strive to ensure it makes your home as energy efficient and kind to the environment as possible. Wood is a natural insulator, helping keep the cold out during the winter months while reflecting the sun and help keep your interior space cool during the summer. 

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